The Intentional Church Conference has been blessed by the teachings of many great speakers such as Dave Dummitt, Gene Appel, Ben Cachiaras, and many more. Check out our video archives for teachings that are still relevant to what the Church is facing today.


updated January 25, 2022

thank you!

As hosts for the annual Intentional Church Conference, we are thankful for the many years this event has provided encouragement, training, and networking to ministry leaders throughout the Midwest. However, it is with a measure of thankfulness and sadness that we share with you that the Intentional Church Conference has come to a close.


The good news is that you can still catch past main session speakers on this website.


Also, consider checking out the resource list below for other events to consider attending in the Central Illinois area:


Lincoln Christian University Church Leaders' Conference

Lincoln Christian University Midwest Ministers’ Retreat and Summit 


Global Leadership Summit hosted by 2nd Church of Christ in Danville, IL


Disciple Heritage Fellowship National Conference hosted by First Christian Church, Decatur, IL


Thank you for your support and attendance at ICC and may God bless you in your future ministry studies,


Brian Talty, Associate Pastor

First Christian Church, Decatur